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The 24/7 Support (1 or 3 years) provides 24-hour help all year round and allows you to receive assistance regarding any technical issues or questions for your Open-E DSS V7, V7 Lite, V6 or V6 Lite product. The 24/7 Support offers 5 urgent incident support cases per year outside regular business hours, weekends and public holidays within a 4 hour response time. Normal support tickets can be submitted during office hours and will be treated as a Premium Support case. This will not subtract from your 5 incidents per year. 24/7 Support gives you access to the Open-E User Portal where you can report your problem and a support ticket will be created. An Open-E support engineer will contact you as soon as possible, depending on your indicated severity level. In order to utilize the 24/7 Support service for urgent cases please call +1 (877) 572-5134. During the purchase of a 24/7 Support license you can only assign it to one serial number of your Open-E DSS V7, V7 Lite, V6 or V6 Lite product. The license will be valid for your selected period of 1 or 3 years from the end date of your last purchased support license. When there’s no active license you may purchase 1 or 3 years of support beginning at the date of support purchase.